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Punishment is a must
(Article by Lukas Heiny, Financial Times Deutschland 04/03/2010, p. 26 [excerpt])


Proved right through appeal – The Hamburg-based defence attorney Gerhard Strate has set himself the ambitious goal of bailing out Alexander Falk after the New Economy crash
(Article by Anna v. Münchhausen, Frankfurter Allgemeine on Sunday, 05/12/2004)


Specialist for hopeless cases or Sowing the seeds of doubt
(Article by Peter Bier, brand eins – Economy magazine, 03/29/2007) (PDF)

Attorney of the stars and star of the attorneys – Talking together where Hamburg is at its loveliest: by the Alster. A stroll with Gerhard Strate, one of Hamburg's best known defence lawyers
(Article by Uwe Bahnsen, Welt am Sonntag, 01/18/2004 © WAMS.de 1995 - 2004)


by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlers (University of Zurich) – on the occasion of the conferment of an honorary doctorate on Attorney Gerhard Strate, given in the Great Hall of the University of Rostock on 20 November 2003


No Man for Every Case: The Defense Attorney Gerhard Strate
(Article by Klaus Stein, FAZ-Magazin, 02/21/1997)


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